Hello, Sirs? I am a representative director, Shin Yosik, of the UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd.

The UNION COMMUNITY Co., Ltd. is a company providing various biometric solutions such as access control, time attendance management, drinking water management, integrated control and image detection. We are committed to develop a better improved solution, and are moving forward to provide the greater convenience and satisfaction for the clients.

The technology of UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd. is recognized both at home and abroad since its releasing of the first product for the fingerprint scan access control system (VIRDI Series) in 2000. By ensuring the great convenience & security and stability of the product, we are constantly growing with supplying the access control systems for domestic companies, national agencies, educational institutions and military institutions. In addition, not only staying in Korea but to grow into a global company, we are targeting overseas markets, and currently we have entered into more than 100 countries around the world such as in North America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. In the future, we are confident to make the leap into a truly leading company by penetrating deeply into the domestic and overseas biometric markets.

In 2019, the company plans to launch the integrated product brand UBio Series with technology and know-how. Specifically, the next generation of integrated security solutions “UBio Alpeta”  further strengthens the competitive edge in software following hardware.

Our employees have the extensive know-how in biometric field, and develop the best products based on diverse experiences and technical power, and through which we want to create a new paradigm. With the aim of win-win for clients & employees and stockholders together, we will grow with an attitude ready for the future always together with stable revenue generation, not settling in the reality.

We promise You to grow steadily while realizing the value of clients first to leap into a No.1 global company in biometric field.

2019 Mission

Slogan 2019: To be a Global Leader in Biometric Field.

We will become a global leader in biometrics field with a growth of scale of KRW 180 billion in revenue by diversifying into three major innovation projects such as smart application, video and live scanner, while solidifying the foundation of the fingerprint scan business.



Satisfy and Impress Customers through insightful understanding of their needs

Global Talent

Nature all employees into globally competitive talents with open mind


Take a Responsibility at work for growth


Power to fulfillthe goal by overcoming obstacles


Take the initiative and proactive attitude by exploring new business opportunities


Respect for diversity and Achieve synergy by making a superb teamwork through active communication


Creative thinking based on professional mind to create new values